PallyCon Forensic Watermarking Demo

This demo shows the invisibility of PallyCon Forensic Watermarking and the detection of watermark data.
You can test playback of watermarked video and request detection of watermark from your recording of the video.

[How to test playback and watermark detection]
  1. Input the site ID and access key of your PallyCon trial account.
  2. Input any watermark string you want. (optional)
  3. Click 'Play Watermarked' button and record the video using a screen recording application or video camera.
  4. Send a downloadable link of the recorded video via PallyCon Helpdesk site.
  5. Check if the detected result is the same as the 'session data' shown below.

[Note for the detection test]
  - You may test playback multiple times with different watermark string and then record one of them.
  - The watermark string input will be added to other session data such as browser agent name, ip address and timestamp.
  - The minimum length of recording required for the detection is 5 minutes.
  - When you record the video using a camera, please use a tripod to get a stable recording without shaking.
  - We provide up to two detection tests for a trial account.

* You can also compare the watermarked version with the original video by clicking 'Play Original' button.
* Browser IE and Safari is not supported.

Browser : / DRM :
Less than 200 byte of English characters(both lowercase and uppercase), number and (-), (_) are allowed.
Watermarked Video

Original Video