AntiCapture Demo

PallyCon Anti-Capture is a product that can monitor recording programs when playing Widevine DRM video in Windows Chrome browser.
State PallyConLib API Description
1. Page load
  • When CheckInstall is called, it checks whether anti-capture is running and the latest version, and if there is a newer version, a download message is displayed.
  • 2. Before play
  • Call ActivateAntiCapture to activate the installed anti-capture program.
  • 3. Playing
  • StartMonitoring monitors by calling CheckCaptureStatus every 5 seconds.
  • CheckCaptureStatus checks the information monitored by ActivateAntiCapture.
  • If there is an attempt to record, an event occurs.
  • 4. After playing
  • When playback stops, call StopMonitoring to stop monitoring.
  • If there is no content playback, call DeactivateAntiCapture to disable anti-capture.