CUSTOMDATA(V2) Generation Test

This page helps you to create custom data, one of the DRM licensing methods supported by PallyCon.
Custom data is used to request PallyCon licenses from multi-DRM capable clients, such as HTML5 player.
Enter each item on the input form below and click the 'Create Custom Data' button, you can see the value generated according to the specification.


CUSTOMDATA(V2) Decoding/Decryption Test

On this section, you can decode and decrypt CustomData generated for DRM license integration to check the original input data.
Enter Site-related value and Base64-encoded CustomData in the input form below and press 'Decode / Decrypt' button. Decoded and decrypted values are displayed step by step.

License Token Generation Test

This section helps you to obtain a license token, one of the DRM licensing methods supported by PallyCon.
When a client plays DRM content, it requests the license by receiving the token from the PallyCon cloud through token transfer of the corresponding service site.
Enter the JSON string according to the token request spec on the input form below, and click the 'Request Token' button. You can check the response data from the Result item.


- You can check the token out by using the above result string as 'CustomHeader' item on HTML5 playback test page.